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Mariah Carey is Embracing Her Womanly Curves

By September 21, 2007

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Super diva Mariah Carey has always been known for more than just her singing abilities. Her adoring fans watched as she went up and down on the scale and in and out of sanity. Just in time for the release of her newest album, Mariah, 38, has slimmed down and is letting the world know that she's learned to love herself, curves and all.

"I don't feel like you have to be a size zero. We should all just embrace who we are physically. I'm not supposed to be a stick figure girl. It's just not me. I still feel like I have a way to go," she told reporters at VH1's Save the Music gala in New York last night. Mariah carefully chose a slim fitting long purple gown for the event that really made her shine.

If Mariah knows what's good for her, she'll take her own advice and make peace with the fact that she'll never look like Nicole Richie or heiress Paris Hilton. Personally, I've always been a big fan of food and I think that the starving skeleton look is SO last season.

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September 21, 2007 at 4:36 pm
(1) Candi Apples says:

Mariah Carey has the perfect figure,she should not want to be a size zero.

September 24, 2007 at 8:34 am
(2) carew says:

hmmm… she is ‘embracing her curves’ AND she has ‘slimmed down’ for her album launch. She says, ‘We should all just embrace who we are physically. I’m not supposed to be a stick figure girl. It’s just not me’ and then she adds ‘I still feel like I have a way to go’… I don’t get it – a way to go to accepting herself or a way to go until she’s the ‘right weight’? Whatever, there seems to be some contradictions here and if not from Ms Carey herself, then from the writer of this piece who suggests that not only has she slimmed down but chose a ‘slim fitting’ gown… and yet is ‘embracing her curves’…

It also really interests me that her weight and her sanity are being spoken of in the same sentence as if they are linked, just as Britney’s weight and mental state has been regularly compared of late; as if yo-yoing is proof of an unbalanced mind and not of a woman being in the entertainment industry where every pound seemingly lost or gained is scrutinised, recorded and commented on by all and sundry

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