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About Celebrity Style - Star Style And Budget Buys
Get news on all the latest celebrity fashions, trends and transformations. Find out who wore what, when and, more importantly, where you can get the same look ...
Celeb Transformations - Celebrity Style - About.com
Emma Stone's Style Transformation Brimming with comedic charm and stunning as the face of Revlon, Emma Stone can do no wrong as we look at her style ...
Celebrity Style - Men's Fashion - About.com
Do you want to dress like your favorite actor or sports star? Or are you just curious about what they wear? Check in regularly to follow celebrity appearances at ...
Celebrity Style Revealed - Women's Hairstyles - About.com
Celebrity drive hair trends and reimagine classic hair styles. Check out your favorite celebrities from the red carpet to the silver screen and learn how to recreate ...
Jennifer Lopez's Celebrity Style - About.com
She's a style icon, designer and mega-star, and we all want to know how. Check out everything about Jennifer Lopez here!
Style Profiles - Celebrity Style - About.com
Sometimes they dress up, sometimes they dress down. Either way, the most intriguing stars have a selectively curated signature style.
The Best Celebrity Fashion Tumblrs - Celebrity Style - About.com
Sometimes news is better served straight from the horse's mouth, so here's a rundown of the best fashion-focused celebrity tumblrs.
Celebrity Style - Black Hair - About.com
How are the hottest celebrities wearing their hair today? Find out in our photo galleries full of celeb style! If you want to recreate these star-worthy styles yourself, ...
Taylor Swift's Celebrity Style - About.com
Taylor Swift's Celebrity Style: She's the country-pop crossover who's never afraid to kiss and tell, but in addition to her scandalous songwriting and signing ...
It's in the Details: Jane Fonda - Celebrity Style - About.com
The fitness guru and actress (at the Sleeping Beauty premiere May 12) looked statuesque in a slimming white sheath with peak-a-boo detailing on the sides.
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