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Did Nicole Richie and Joel Madden Break Up?


Did Nicole Richie and Joel Madden Break Up?
Photo: Michael Caulfield/Getty

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden Break Up Rumors

We hear that Nicole Richie and her rocker boyfriend/baby daddy Joel Madden may have decided to break up. Rumor has it that Nicole, 27, and Joel, 29, have called it quits on their relationship after months of building tension. Star magazine claims to have the latest gossip on these two:

"They'd been fighting over everything from marriage to moving, but Nicole and Joel's strained relationship hit a new low when, during yet another battle, she screamed at him, 'We're through,' and fled to her mother's home, taking their daughter, Harlow, with her. Nicole loves him, but things need to change."

Just days later, Nicole supposedly disappeared again, only this time to New York. While Joel followed her in hopes of patching things up, they only ended up fighting again. This time, it was in front of guests at a Fashion Week after-party.

I guess the change of scenery from LA to NY made no difference for the these two. Will Nicole and Joel be the next celebrity couple to bite the dust?

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