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Paris Hilton's Headline News Scandals of 2007


Paris Hilton's Headline News Scandals of 2007
Photo: Jeffrey Mayer/Getty

Hotel heiress Paris Hilton took her fans on another wild ride in 2007. From her dating life to her trouble with the law, she always had us entertained. Check out the scandals and headlines that kept Paris in the 2007 tabloid spotlight.

  • December: Paris Tops the Annoying List

  • December: Did She Get Her Lips Done?

  • September: Paris Finds a New Project/Boyfriend

  • September: Paris on a Goodwill Mission

  • June: Paris Hilton Lies to Larry King

  • June : Paris to Become a Teacher?

  • June: Paris Can't Land a Post-Jail Interview

  • June: The Judge Throws Paris back in Jail

  • June: Paris Gets to Serve Her Sentence at Home

  • June: Paris Hilton Complains About Conditions

  • June: Paris Hilton Reports to Jail Early

  • May: Paris Makes Top Overexposed List

  • May: Judge Sentences Paris to 45 Days

  • March: Paris Faces 90 Days of Jail Time

  • March: Police Seize Paris Hilton's Bentley

  • January: Paris Hilton's Stuff Goes Public

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