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Paris Hilton News Biography - Paris Hilton's Wild Life


Paris Hilton News Biography - Paris Hilton's Wild Life
Photo: Jeffrey Mayer/Getty

Paris Whitney Hilton:

Born February 17, 1981 in New York, NY. Paris is one day expected to inherit $50 million of the Hilton fortune, which is currently estimated at over $1 billion.

Legal Troubles:

In May 2007, the heiress was sentenced to serve 45 days in jail for violating the terms of her probation. The one that stemmed from a little DUI incident back in September where the judge suspended her license. In true Paris Hilton form, she ignored the rules and kept on driving.

Personal Quote:

"People think I'm stupid. But I'm smarter than most people."

Coined the Phrase:

Paris has used the phrase "that's hot" so often that many people attribute it's popularity to the famous heiress. In 2004, she even attempted to trademark the famous words. She plans to one day grace the masses with t-shirts and other items bearing the catchphrase.

Famous or Infamous:

In June 2004, Paris' ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon released a wildly popular DVD of the couple that can only be described as quite pornographic. The spoiled heiress was mortified so she sued and won, donating her profits to charity.

Broken Promises:

Engaged to Tommy Hilfiger model Jason Shaw in 2002.

Engaged to Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis in 2005 but called it quits.

Paris was linked to Stavros Niarchos, 20, who used to date Mary-Kate Olsen, but they also parted ways.

Published Author:

In 2004, Paris wrote a book entitled Confessions of an Heiress where she basically gave her readers tips on how to be more like her. While many mocked the effort, she got the last laugh when her book landed on the The New York Times bestseller list.

Unlisted Numbers:

In February 2005, the information in Paris' Sidekick was accidentally leaked to the public. The contents included notes, phone numbers, reminders, and even digital photos. Phone numbers of celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Snoop Dogg Avril Lavigne, Ashlee Simpson, and Eminem made their way onto the internet. Needless to say, her friends in Hollywood were not amused.

Shaky Friendship:

After starring in The Simple Life, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie called it quits on their friendship in November of 2005. Some say Nicole was miffed at hearing that Paris was asked to host Saturday Night Live solo. Nicole allegedly hosted an SNL viewing at her house and accidentally aired Paris’ scandalous sex tape instead. Meow!

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