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Paris Hilton News Biography - Paris Hilton's Wild Life
Paris Hilton Gossip News - Read the Paris Hilton gossip news biography and learn about her wild life. Paris Hilton was sentenced to jail, starred in a sex tape, had catfights with everyone, and even recorded an album.

Jake Gyllenhaal Biography
Read Jake Gyllenhaal's biography and learn all the gossip. Jake Gyllenhaal dated KIrsten Dunst and Reese Witherspoon but who is next? Find out the Jake Gyllenhall gossip and news here.

The Latest Adam Levine Rumors and News
Adam Levine Dating Rumors Gossip News - Who is Maroon 5 sex symbol Adam Levine dating? Adam Levine is in the gossip news for dating Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, and Maria Sharapova. Who is Adam dating now?

Mary-Kate Olsen News - All About Mary-Kate Olsen
Mary-Kate Olsen News - Read the Mary Kate Olsen gossip news biography and find out the latest news on how Mary-Kate Olsen became so famous. Mary Kate Olsen could be a billionaire by the age of 21.

Jamie Lynn Spears - Latest Jamie Lynn Spears News
Jamie Lynn Spears Gossip News - Read the Jamie Lynn Spears biography for the latest gossip news. Jamie Lynn Spears is in the gossip news more often because of Britney's antics.

The Latest Justin Timberlake Rumors and News
Latest Justin Timberlake Rumors and News - Check out the Justin Timberlake profile for all the latest rumors, news, and gossip. The Justin Timberlake biography has all the scoop on NSync, Britney Spears, and Cameron Diaz.

Tom Cruise Rumors, Gossip, and News
Latest Tom Cruise Gossip Rumors News - Read the Tom Cruise gossip, rumors and news biography to find out all the gossip. Tom Cruise gossip, news, and photos covers all the latest scoop.

Amy Winehouse News - All About Amy Winehouse
Read the Amy Winehouse gossip news biography for all the latest scoop. Amy Winehouse loves to cause a gossip stir in the news and admits to loving drugs as much as her husband.

The Latest Paula Abdul Gossip and Rumors
Paula Abdul Gossip News Rumors - Read the Paula Abdul gossip news and rumors biography and find out how she got her start. Paula Abdul is always in the gossip pages and news, Paula Abdul was an LA Laker's cheerleader and went on to become a famous pop star.

Mariah Carey Gossip News - All About Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey Gossip News - Read the Mariah Carey gossip biography for all latest news on the super diva singer. Mariah Carey loves to shine in the gossip spotlight.

Britney Spears - Latest Britney Spears Gossip and News
Read the Britney Spears gossip news bio and see why Britney Spears is always making headlines. What kind of gossip do we have on Britney Spears this week? Find out the latest Britney Spears gossip here.

Jessica Alba - Jessica Alba Gossip and News
Jessica Alba Gossip News - Read the Jessica Alba biography and see why Maxim readers love her. Is Jessica Alba really pregnant and who is the father? Find out all the Jessica Alba gossip and news right here.

Gwyneth Paltrow News - All About Gwyneth
Read the Gwyneth Paltrow gossip news bio for the latest scoop. The Gwyneth Paltrow gossip and news has the scoop on her romantic history and even her failed relationship with actor Brad Pitt.

Latest Patrick Dempsey Gossip News - All About Patrick
Latest Patrick Dempsey Gossip News - Check out the latest Patrick Dempsey celebrity gossip and news updates. Patrick Dempsey is one of the hottest actors on Grey's Anatomy and all the latest gossip and news is here.

Pamela Anderson News - All About Pam Anderson
Pamela Anderson Gossip and News - Read the Pamela Anderson gossip news biography for the scoop on the hot star. Pam Anderson has been married twice and has graced the pages of Playboy for all the fans to see.

Reese Witherspoon News - All About Reese
Read the Reese Witherspoon gossip news biography for all the scoop on the hot star. Rarely in the gossip news, Reese Witherspoon is one of the most admired stars for her down to earth image.

Eva Longoria News - All About Eva Longoria
Read the Eva Longoria gossip news biography and find out how Eva Longoria rose to the top of Hollywood's a-list. The latest Eva Longoria gossip and news is right here.

Ashley Tisdale Gossip - All About Ashley Tisdale
Ashley Tisdale Gossip News Photos- Check out the latest gossip, photos, and news on Ashley Tisdale. Ashley Tisdale of High School Musical is always in the news for something.

Sienna Miller - Sienna Miller Gossip and News
Read the Sienna Miller gossip and news biography for all the fun trivia. What's the latest Sienna Miller news and gossip? Get the latest Sienna Miller gossip and photos here.

Cassie Ventura Gossip - All About Cassie
Latest Cassie Ventura Gossip and News - Read the Cassie Ventura biography for her rumored dating ties to Sean Diddy Combs and find out about Cassie and the latest gossip and news.

Amy Fisher Biography
Read the Amy Fisher gossip news biography for all the latest scandals in the life of the ex-con. Amy Fisher and Joey Buttafuoco began an affair when she was just 16.

Penelope Cruz Biography - All About Penelope Cruz
Penelope Cruz Gossip News - Read the Penelope Cruz biography for all the latest gossip on who she's dating. Penelope Cruz is always in the gossip news for dating drama and movie roles.

Zach Braff Biography
Read the Zach Braff gossip news biography for all the latest gossip. Find out what Zach Braff has been up to in the gossip world.

Anna Nicole Smith Biography
Read the Anna Nicole Smith biography for her life and death. Anna Nicole Smith posed for Playboy, did ads for Guess Jeans, and hawked Trimspa on tv.

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