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FAQs & Quizzes

Are you up on your latest celebrity gossip? Who's hooking up or heading down the aisle? What kind of wacky names are the stars giving their babies now? Who was involved in this years biggest scandals? Check out these FAQs and take these quizzes to learn the latest.

Do Brad and Angie's Twins Have Down Syndrome?
Rumors have been circulating that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's twins, Knox and Vivienne, could have Down Syndrome.

Has Johnny Depp Ever Been Married Before?
Has actor Johnny Depp ever been married before? And if so, to whom?

How Did Brittany Murphy Really Die?
Actress Brittany Murphy was found dead at the age of 32. How did the actress really die?

How Did Prince William Propose to Kate Middleton?
How Did Prince William propose to longtime love Kate Middleton?

Are Nicole Richie and Joel Madden Getting Married?
Are Nicole Richie and her baby daddy Joel Madden finally getting married?

Are Ellen DeGeneres and Kate Middleton Cousins?
Are Ellen DeGeneres and Kate Middleton really related and are they cousins?

Is Lady Gaga Really a Hermaphrodite?
Rumors are circulating on the internet that Lady Gaga is a hermaphrodite based on a blog post that she allegedly wrote. Is it true?

How Did Heath Ledger Really Die?
When Heath Ledger was found dead in his apartment at 28 people were left wondering how he really died.

Was Gossip Girl's Leighton Meester Born in Prison?
Rumor has it that Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester was born while her mother was serving time in a federal prison.

Did Lindsay Lohan Really Steal a Fur Coat?
Rumor has it that Lindsay Lohan stole a fur coat from a party in January and wore it all month.

Did Nick Cannon Regift an Engagement Ring?
Did Nick Cannon give Selita Ebanks' old engagement ring to Mariah Carey? How tacky!

Best Celebrity Owned Restaurants
Does your favorite celebrity also own a restaurant? Have you been there to eat?

The Highest Paid Reality Stars of 2010
Who are the highest paid reality stars in Hollywood?

Heather Locklear 911 Call - Suicide Attempt?
Check out the gossip on the Heather Locklear 911 call. Did Heather try to commit suicide?

Is Kimora Lee Simmons Pregnant With Djimon's Baby?
Is Kimora Lee Simmons pregnant with Djimon Hounsou's baby? Could Kimora Lee Simmons get her baby wish this year?

Ryan Seacrest and Sophie Monk Rumors?
Did Sophie Monk really move on from Benji Madden to date Ryan Seacrest and why?

Is Paris Hilton Wearing an Engagement Ring?
Check out Paris Hilton's new diamond BM ring on her left hand. Does this mean that she and Benji Madden are really engaged?

Will Marilyn Manson and Evan Rachel Wood Marry?
Are Marilyn Manson and Evan Rachel Wood engaged to be married? Will the age difference have influence on the union?

Why Did Scarlett Johansson Auction Herself Off?
Why did Scarlett Johansson decide to auction herself off on eBay? What exactly does the auction winner get?

Will Lindsay Lohan Appear in Playboy?
Lindsay Lohan was asked to appear as Marilyn Monroe in the pages of Playboy magazine. Will she take Hugh Hefner's offer?

Could Nelly Furtado Be Pregnant Again?
Could singer Nelly Furtado really be pregnant with her second child? Rumor has it that she could be pregnant and engaged to Demo Castellon.

Is There a Vanessa Hudgens Sex Tape?
Is there really a Vanessa Hudgens Santa sex tape floating around somewhere? Could this affect her career with High School Musical?

Is Fergie Pregnant With Josh Duhamel's Baby?
Rumor has it that Fergie is pregnant with her first baby and in a hurry to get married to Josh Duhamel.

Are Scarlett Johannson and Ryan Reynolds Engaged?
Are Scarlett Johannson and Ryan Reynolds really engaged? Is there any truth to the recent rumors?

Is Model Alessandra Ambrosio Pregnant?
Is Victoria's Secret model and angel Alessandra Ambrosio really pregnant? If so, who is the father?

Is Angelina Jolie Pregnant With Twins?
Is Angelina Jolie really pregnant with Brad Pitt's twins? Angelina has said she wants 14 babies, so this rumor could pan out.

Is There a Vivica A. Fox Sex Tape in Circulation?
Rumor has it that there is a Vivica A. Fox sex tape in circulation on the internet. Why would she allow the alleged tape to get out?

Are Jenna Fischer and David Spade Dating?
Jenna Fischer and David Spade are apparently dating. It's all very new, but where is it headed?

Is Actress Jennifer Garner Pregnant Again?
Is Actress Jennifer Garner really pregnant again? Could Ben Affleck's wife be expecting their second child?

Are Elle Macpherson and Bryan Adams Dating?
Are supermodel Elle Macpherson and rocker Bryan Adams really dating? It's odd because Elle usually goes for European millionaire types.

Is Chace Crawford Cheating on Carrie Underwood?
Is Chace Crawford cheating on Carrie Underwood? Why would Chace want to cheat on Carrie when they seem so happy together?

Is Tory Burch Hooking Up With Two Men?
Lance Armstrong's ex, Tory Burch, is back on the dating market and taking no prisoners.

Is Britney Spears Pregnant Again for the Third Time?
Is Britney Spears really pregnant again and for the third time? Could the new pregnancy rumors be true?

Did Travis Barker Really Die?
Is Travis Barker really dead or is it just another cyberspace rumor?

Jessica Simpson's New Country Album
Jessica Simpson is working on a new country album and we can't wait to see the results. Will it be a success or another failure?

Will Helena Christensen Pose Nude in Playboy?
Did former supermodel Helena Christensen really agree to pose nude in Playboy Magazine or is it just gossip?

Paul McCartney is Dating Nancy Shevell
Is Paul McCartney dating New Yorker Nancy Shevell? Paul and Nancy have been spending lots of time together - is it getting serious?

Are Mandy Moore and Matthew Perry Dating?
Are Mandy Moore and Matthew Perry dating or is it just a rumor? The two were seen getting very cozy on a recent dinner date in Beverly Hills.

Is Evan Rachel Wood a Lesbian?
Is actress Evan Rachel Wood a lesbian or does she just like to kiss women for fun?

Is Actress Cate Blanchett Pregnant Again?
Is Cate Blanchett really pregnant with her third child? Could the pregnancy rumors be true?

Did Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi Break Up?
Did Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi break up? After three years together, Ellen and Portia may be calling it quits for good.

Are Carrie Underwood and Chace Crawford Dating?
Are Carrie Underwood and Chace Crawford really dating? Carrie and Chace were seen getting pretty cozy in NY.

Is Pamela Anderson Pregnant?
Is Pamela Anderson pregnant with Rick Solomon's baby? Could it be the reason for the quickie wedding in Vegas?

Is Hannah Montana Star Miley Cyrus Pregnant?
Could the rumors be true that Miley Cyrus is only 14 and pregnant? Miley sets the record straight once and for all.

Is There Really an Eva Longoria Sex Tape?
Could Eva Longoria let a real sex tape get out or is this just a joke?

Is David Hasselhoff in Alcohol Detox?
Is David Hasselhoff in detox for alcohol abuse? Did he really fall off the wagon and is he headed for rehab?

Are Kate Hudson and Dax Shepard Dating?
Are Kate Hudson and Dax Shepard really dating? Are the rumors true about Kate and Dax secretly hooking up in Canada?

World's Richest Celebrity Teens
Which stars made the world's richest teens list? Daniel Radcliffe is on top, but who else rakes in the big money?

Are Rapper 50 Cent and Ciara Dating?
Rumors about 50 Cent and Ciara dating are slowly emerging. Is it true?

Is Rachael Ray Headed for Divorce?
Find out all the gossip on Rachel Ray and if she's really on her way to divorce court with John Cusimano.

Did Avril Lavigne Record a Stolen Song?
The Avril Lavigne lawsuit claims that she stole a song from another group. Listen for yourself and decide.

Is Nelly Furtado Engaged to Demo Castellon?
Is singer Nelly Furtado really engaged to Demo Castellon?

Is P. Diddy Cheating on Kim Porter With Sienna Miller?
Is P. Diddy cheating on Kim Porter with Sienna Miller? Could the affair rumors be true?

Rumor Control - Is Nicole Richie Pregnant?
Is Nicole Richie pregnant with Joel Madden's baby? Could the rumors about her new belly be true?

Will Heidi Montag Pose Nude in Playboy?
Was Heidi Montag offered money to pose nude in Playboy? What was the alleged offer and will she take it?

Is Alex Rodriguez Cheating on His Wife?
Is Alex Rodriguez cheating on his wife? Could the photos of A-Rod with a mystery blonde be evidence?

Victoria Posh Beckham on Dancing With The Stars?
Will Victoria Posh Beckham really appear on Dancing With The Stars? She just may be the next celebrity to try out, but does she have any chance at all?

Are Bruce Willis and Courtney Love Dating?
Are Bruce Willis and Courtney Love really dating? Could this wacky rumor turn out to be true?

Jesse Metcalfe to Appear Nude in Equus?
Desperate Housewives' Jesse Metcalfe may soon be taking it all off in nude scenes for the London stage production of Equus.

Are Nicole Richie and Joel Madden Engaged?
Are Nicole Richie and Joel Madden engaged? Could the recent rumors about the pair be true?

Did Kellie Pickler Have Plastic Surgery?
Did Kellie Pickler really have plastic surgery or is that just a rumor? Find out when you watch the video here..

Is Naomi Watts Pregnant With Liev Schreiber's Baby?
Rumor has it that Nicole Kidman's pal Naomi Watts may be pregnant with boyfriend Liev Schreiber's baby. Could it be true?

Are Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal Dating?
Are Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal really dating? Are the rumors true or are these two just good friends?

Are Fergie and Josh Duhamel Engaged?
Are Fergie and Josh Duhamel engaged? Rumor has it that the odd couple became engaged over the 2006 holidays.

Did Jennifer Aniston Get Another Nose Job?
Did Jennifer Aniston have another nose job? She is already one of the most gorgeous stars in Hollywood, but is she changing her look?

Are Carrie Underwood and Tony Romo Dating?
Are Carrie Underwood and Tony Romo Dating? Could the rumors be true?

Could Britney Spears Lose Custody of the Kids?
Britney Spears and her partying may affect the custody case regarding her two sons with Kevin Federline.

Is Nick Lachey Buying a Baseball Team?
Nick Lachey is buying a baseball team, the Tacoma Rainiers, an affiliate of the Seattle Mariners.

Hollywood Divorce Quiz
Did your favorite celebrity find themselves in a nasty Hollywood divorce? Test your knowledge with this fun celebrity divorce quiz.

Tom and Katie Wedding Details Quiz
The Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes wedding was one of the most anticipated events of the year. How much do you really know about the details of the TomKat wedding?

Celebrity News November 2006 Quiz
Was your favorite celebrity in the news this month? Paris and Lindsay are always a sure bet when it comes to making headlines, but what about the other stars?

Celebrity Scandal Quiz
Everyone from heiress Paris Hilton to Jessica Simpson has found themselves caught up in some kind of juicy celebrity scandal. Test your knowledge with this fun quiz!

Celebrity MySpace Quiz
Take the celebrity MySpace quiz and test your knowledge. Chances are good that your favorite celebrity has their own MySpace page with all the latest updates.

Kristin Chenoweth News - Inspiration?
Did Kristin Chenoweth Inspire Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip? Kristin Chenoweth dated Aaron Sorkin and now he based a character on her in Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

Does Drew Barrymore Want a Baby?
Drew Barrymore talked to In Style about her ticking clock and how she's ready to have a baby with Fabrizio Moretti.

Did Tom Cruise Apologize to Brooke Shields?
Tom Cruise criticized Brooke Shields for her use of anti-depressants and the war began. Find out if Tom Cruise and Brooke Shields finally got over their celebrity catfight.

Cher News - Is Cher Selling Her Personal Belongings?
Singer and actress Cher is selling over 700 personal items from her Malibu estate. Cher will be auctioning off everything from clothing and jewelry to artwork and furniture.

Paris Hilton News - Did Paris Hilton Swear Off Sex?
Paris Hilton said she is swearing off sex for a year. In an interview with GQ, she said that kissing will be enough for her.

How Well Do You Know Jennifer Aniston?
Jennifer Aniston burst onto the scene with the success of Friends. She also had a well publicized marriage and divorce, but how well do you really know her? Take the quiz and find out.

Lance Bass News - Is Lance Bass Gay?
Lance Bass has always avoided the rumor mills when they alleged that he might be gay. Did he finally come out?

Jennifer Aniston News - Is Jennifer Engaged to Vince Vaughn?
Rumor mills have reported news of a Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston engagement since they were seen hugging on the set of The Break Up. Jen denies that they are even dating in the first place.

How Well Do You Know Lindsay Lohan?
Lindsay Lohan is one of the hottest young stars on the Hollywood scene today. She can often be seen out shopping, partying, and just having fun. How well do you really know Lindsay? Take the quiz and find out.

Did Yoko Ono Defend Heather Mills?
Did Yoko Ono come to Heather Mills' defense when the media tried to trash her reputation? John Lennon's widow Yoko was married to a Beatle so she should be quite familiar with the life.

Is Jennifer Lopez Pregnant?
Is Jennifer Lopez really pregnant? The signs all seem to be pointing in that direction, but could it be true? She has been trying to get pregnant since she married Marc Anthony.

How Well Do You Know Nick Lachey?
How well do you know Nick Lachey? Did you know that he went to school with a famous Hollywood starlet and was a member of one of the hottest boy bands in the late 90's? Take the Nick Lachey quiz and test your skills.

How Well Do You Know Your Celebrity Gossip?
How well do you know your celebrity gossip? What did Gwyneth name her newest arrival? How many kids does Donald Trump have now? Take the celebrity gossip quiz and test your knowledge.

Did Howard Stern Get Married?
Did Howard Stern marry girlfriend Beth Ostrowsky?

Arnold Schwarzenegger News - Trouble With the Law?
Is Arnold Schwarzenegger in trouble with the California police?

David Spade News - Did David Save a Life?
Did David Spade save a man from drowning?

Was Jamie Lynn Spears Grounded?
Was Britney's sister Jamie Lynn Spears grounded by her parents?

Reese Witherspoon News - Singing Career?
Is Reese Witherspoon launching a singing career?

Ashlee Simpson News - Did Ashlee Have Plastic Surgery?
Didpop singer Ashlee Simpson have plastic surgery?

Snoop Doggy Dog News - Snoop Arrested?
Was Snoop Doggy Dog really arrested?

Halle Berry News - Is Halle Pregnant?
Could Halle Berry really be pregnant?

Ten Fun Trivia Facts About Taylor Swift
Read on for all the latest gossip, news, and trivia for young music sensation Taylor Swift.

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