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Jude & Sienna: Over For Good!


Jude & Sienna: Over For Good!
Photo: Dave Bennett/Getty

Get Out and Stay Out!
Just in time to start off 2006 with a bang, it looks like Jude Law and Sienna Miller are calling it quits again! They have the looks and talent, but can't seem to get it right in the relationship department. One day they're engaged and the next day they're through. This time it just may be over for real.

Makeup or Breakup?
Things with this hot couple were going strong until Jude threw a wrench into their perfect relationship. He had a fling with his children's nanny, Daisy Wright, and Sienna officially broke off their engagement. They reconciled, parted ways, and reconciled again. Now it looks like they're splitting up again, only this time it appears to be pretty permanent.

Keeping a Close Watch
Apparently, the ball has been in Sienna's court ever since the affair and she's been taking her power a bit too far. She had Jude under constant surveillance out of fear that he might stray again. She also appears to be less than pleased with the friendly nature of Jude's relationship with his ex-wife, Sadie Frost. Jude even took Sadie and the kids on a family vacation to Tanzania over the holidays.

The End is Here
It seems that all the extra stress has taken it's toll on Jude. He's had enough of the constant drama and decided to end his tumultuous relationship with Sienna for good. Maybe now he'll have extra time to spend with his three young children.

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