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Recover From a Breakup Hollywood Style


Recover From a Breakup Hollywood Style
Photo: Mark Davis/Getty
Wondering how to recover from a breakup? Jennifer Aniston managed to get over Brad Pitt, so you can do it too. It may have seemed simple enough, but even she had to go through the motions of picking up the pieces. By doing certain things to bounce back, you could be recovering from your own breakup in no time.
Difficulty: Average
Time Required: varies

Here's How:

  1. Throw yourself into your work. After the split, Jen quickly started signing on to do one movie after another. After Derailed with Clive Owen, she starred in Rumor Has It with Kevin Costner and now Friends With Money. By staying focused on your job and the responsibilities that go along with it, you'll have less time to think about your ex.

  2. Surround yourself with a strong support team. Jen counted on pals like Courteney Cox, Catherine Keener, and even her longtime hairdresser and friend, Chris McMillan to be there for her. Friends who know and love you will always support you by lending an ear or even a shoulder to cry on.

  3. Get rid of old reminders in your space. This includes photos, gifts, and general mementos of your time together. Soon after the split, Jen and Brad put their place on the market and Jen moved into a $5 million home in LA's Hollywood Hills. You may not need to unload your entire house, but you could start with the bookshelf.

  4. Don't let it shatter your self esteem. Jen opened herself up to the possibility of dating again and she found Vince Vaughn. Just because your ex has moved on with someone else, that doesn't make them any better than you. Remind yourself that you are a great catch and then get out there and get back in the game.

  5. Try to stay on good terms with your ex. Even when Brad was seen gallivanting around town with Angelina, Jen never publicly bashed him. She kept to herself and went on with her work and her life. While it may feel good in the moment to trash talk your ex, in the long run it will only leave you looking petty and childish.

  6. See the writing on the wall for what it is. Jen quickly accepted the fact that Brad had moved on with someone else. She didn't try to reconcile or sit around hoping he might change his mind. Let the facts speak for themselves in this kind of situation. If your ex is not only telling you it's over, but he's also dating someone else, then it's probably really over.

What You Need

  • Projects to keep busy
  • Support team of friends & family
  • Spring cleaning
  • Self esteem boost
  • Reality check
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