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Haylie Duff and Hilary Duff


Haylie Duff and Hilary Duff

Haylie Duff (left) and Hilary Duff (right)

Photo Credit: Scott Wintrow/Getty Images
Haylie Duff
February 19, 1985

Haylie Duff got her big break playing Amy on the TV show Lizzie McGuire. Once Hilary hit the set, the spotlight shifted. While Hilary began to garner all the media attention, Haylie continued to build her acting career and even won a Teen Choice Award for her role in Napoleon Dynamite. She also helped co-write songs for three of her sister's albums.

Hilary Duff
September 28, 1987

From starring in popular TV shows and movies to producing and recording albums, Hilary Duff has enjoyed success in all facets of entertainment. She even launched her own fashion line called "Stuff by Hilary Duff" which features clothing, furniture, jewelry, and perfume. She also spent time in the tabloids in 2001 for her relationship with Aaron Carter and again in 2004 when she dated Joel Madden.

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