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Will The Cast Reunite for a Friends Movie?


Will The Cast Reunite for a Friends Movie?
Photo: Lee Celano/Getty

The Latest Friends Movie Reunion Gossip

Are they turning the highly successful TV show Friends into a big screen movie reunion? Rumors are swirling that Jennifer Aniston and her crew of friends could be following in the movie mania footsteps of Sex and the City.

Would Jen, 39, Courteney Cox, 44, Lisa Kudrow, 45, Matthew Perry, 39, Matt LeBlanc, 40, and David Schwimmer, 41, all return to the set? The actors are said to be considering a film adaptation to be shot in the next year or so, according to the UK Daily Mail.

Since calling it quits in 2004, Friends has remained alive through syndication and this just might be the next logical step. If Sarah Jessica Parker and the cast of Sex and the City can bring in over $300 million, there's no doubt that Jen can do the same or better.

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