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How Many Times Has Elizabeth Taylor Been Married?


How Many Times Has Elizabeth Taylor Been Married?
Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
Question: How Many Times Has Elizabeth Taylor Been Married?

Elizabeth Taylor has been married a total of eight times to seven different men. Wondering why the math doesn't seem to add up? That would be because Liz married and divorced Richard Burton and then they tied the knot again. Not surprisingly, that second union didn't stick either.

Nicky Hilton - Married on May 6, 1950 and divorced in February 1951

Michael Wilding – Married on February 21, 1952 and divorced in January 1957

Mike Todd – Married on February 2, 1957 and widowed in March 1958

Eddie Fisher – Married on May 12, 1959 and divorced in March 1964

Richard Burton – Married on March 15, 1964 and divorced in June 1974

Richard Burton – Married on October 10, 1975 and divorced in August 1976

John Warner – Married on December 4, 1976 and divorced in November 1982

Larry Fortensky – Married on October 6, 1991 and divorced in October 1996

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