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Celebrity Health & Fitness

Celebrities work with trainers and follow the hottest diets in an effort to stay in top shape. From bouncing back after giving birth to gaining or losing weight for a role, they've done it all. Find out how to apply the same strategies to your own fitness plan.
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Do Brad and Angie's Twins Have Down Syndrome?
Rumors have been circulating that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's twins, Knox and Vivienne, could have Down Syndrome.

Which Celebrities are Vegetarians?
Which of your favorite celebrities such as Natalie Portman and Pam Anderson are vegetarians and say no to meat?

Is Country Singer LeAnn Rimes Anorexic?
In photos, LeAnn Rimes looks so skinny that people are wondering if she is anorexic.

Is Lady Gaga Really a Hermaphrodite?
Rumors are circulating on the internet that Lady Gaga is a hermaphrodite based on a blog post that she allegedly wrote. Is it true?

Travis Barker and DJ AM Injured in Plane Crash
Travis Barker and DJ AM were seriously injured in a plane crash. The musicians were both taken to a local burn unit in Georgia.

How Did Natasha Richardson Really Die?
How did Natasha Richardson really die? When Natasha Richardson was pronounced dead at 45 people were left wondering how did Natasha die at 45?

Does Ellen Pompeo Have Extra Toes on Her Feet?
Does actress Ellen Pompeo have an extra toe on each of her feet?

Brooke Shields Talks About Staying Healthy
Brooke Shields talks to Shape magazine about staying fit and maintaining a healthy body in Hollywood.

Christina Applegate on Her Double Mastectomy
Christina Applegate talks about the double mastectomy to rid her body of breast cancer.

How Christina Aguilera Lost the Pregnancy Weight
How did sexy siren Christina Aguilera manage to lose all that pregnancy weight so quickly?

Women's Health 2008 Best Beauty Products
The writers of Women's Health have put together their annual list of the 65 best beauty products on the market.

Who Has Bad Celebrity Plastic Surgery
Which celebrities have what you might consider bad plastic surgery?

Steve-O's Psychiatric Hold is Extended
Steve-O's psychiatric hold has been extended by 14 days. Why is he staying in the hospital so long?

Christina Applegate Fighting Breast Cancer
Actress Christina Applegate is fighting breast cancer and is expected to make a full recovery.

Heather Locklear 911 Call - Suicide Attempt?
Check out the gossip on the Heather Locklear 911 call. Did Heather try to commit suicide?

Is Comedian Bernie Mac Really Dead?
Bernie Mac has been sick since 2005 and now the rumor is that he's dead. Could it be true?

Kelly Rowland Admits to Plastic Surgery
Singer Kelly Rowland admitted to getting plastic surgery and she's proud to show off her new look.

Patrick Dempsey's Cancer Center in Maine
Patrick Dempsey is set to open a cancer center in Maine. The new center will offer support to the patients and families fighting the disease.

Kirsten Dunst in Rehab at Cirque Lodge
Actress/party girl Kirsten Dunst entered a rehab program at the infamous Cirque Lodge in Utah.

Is Actress Eva Mendes Really in Rehab?
Is actress Eva Mendes really in rehab at Cirque Lodge in Utah? Does Eva have a drug or alcohol addiction?

Carrie Underwood Weight Loss Secrets
Find out how Carrie Underwood lost the American Idol weight through a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

Adam "DJ AM" Goldstein on the Suicide Attempt
Adam "DJ AM" talks openly about his drug use and even a suicide attempt. Why did he try to kill himself and what eventually stopped him?

Jessica Simpson Loves Plastic Surgery
Jessica Simpson admitted that she's a big fan of plastic surgery. What kind of work has she already had?

Mary-Kate Olsen Hospitalized With an Infection
Mary-Kate Olsen was in the hospital with a kidney infection. Is that the real reason or could there be more gossip?

Marie Osmond's Son Michael in Rehab
Marie Osmond admitted to Larry King that her beloved sixteen-year-old son Michael is in rehab.

Angie Harmon Interview in Shape Magazine
Angie Harmon talked to Shape Magazine and spilled her secrets for healthy living in Hollywood.

Did Travis Barker Really Die?
Is Travis Barker really dead or is it just another cyberspace rumor?

Catherine Zeta-Jones Denies Being Anorexic
Catherine Zeta Jones denies that she has a problem with food and is suffering from anorexia.

P. Diddy Plans to Promote Ciroc Vodka
Diddy signed a deal with Ciroc vodka that could make him millions of dollars. Looks like Diddy will be serving Ciroc at every party he throws.

Gloria Estefan's Mother in the Hospital
Gloria Estefan's mother became sick and was rushed to the hospital. Gloria cancelled her appearances and flew home to Miami.

Country Singer Joe Nichols Enters Rehab
Country singer Joe Nichols has checked into rehab just one month after tying the knot with Heather Singleton.

Jason Ray - UNC Mascot's Organ Donation
Read how Jason Ray made the ultimate sacrifice with his own life through organ donation.

Celebrities With Healthy Curves
With all the skinny stars in LA, it's refreshing to see celebrities embracing their curves. Check out the list of top celebrities with healthy bodies.

Is David Hasselhoff in Alcohol Detox?
Is David Hasselhoff in detox for alcohol abuse? Did he really fall off the wagon and is he headed for rehab?

Owen Wilson in Hospital for Possible Suicide Attempt
Owen Wilson was taken to the hospital for a possible suicide attempt. Did this involve a broken heart or something else?

Mariah Carey is Embracing Her Curves
Mariah Carey has finally accepted the fact that she will never be a size zero and flaunts her figure in a hot purple dress.

Richie Sambora Checks Into Rehab
Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora has checked into rehab. Richie was recently rumored to be performing drunk at an MTV Unplugged show.

Paula Abdul Accident - She Falls and Breaks Her Nose
American Idol judge Paula Abdul falls and breaks her nose when she trips over her tiny dog.

Marilyn Manson Blames Dita von Teese for Depression
Marilyn Manson blames Dita von Teese for his depression. He claims that Dita kept trying to change him.

Lindsay Finishes Rehab Amidst a Photo Scandal
Lindsay Lohan has left rehab and is now caught in some drama. Someone is is threatening to release scandalous photos of the star.

Your Favorite Celebrities Without Makeup
Wondering what your favorite celebrities look like without all that makeup and hair styling? Here's your chance to find out.

Victoria Posh Beckham on Dancing With The Stars?
Will Victoria Posh Beckham really appear on Dancing With The Stars? She just may be the next celebrity to try out, but does she have any chance at all?

Anna Nicole Smith's Prescription Drugs
Anna Nicole Smith's prescription drug collection has been revealed. Anna may have been mixing some dangerous drugs when she died.

Did Kellie Pickler Have Plastic Surgery?
Did Kellie Pickler really have plastic surgery or is that just a rumor? Find out when you watch the video here..

Did Jennifer Aniston Get Another Nose Job?
Did Jennifer Aniston have another nose job? She is already one of the most gorgeous stars in Hollywood, but is she changing her look?

News Flash: Nicole Richie Eats Food and Gains Weight!
It's bad enough that we were forced to watch Nicole Richie nearly starve to death, but now the media has taken to tracking Nicole Richie's food habits and weight gain.

Cameron Diaz Wants Plastic Surgery
Cameron Diaz wants to have plastic surgery to correct her broken nose. She hopes that the nose job would fix years of damage for the star.

Tara Reid Talks About Plastic Surgery
In an interview with US Weekly, Tara Reid spoke in detail about her plastic surgery nightmare including breast augmentation and liposuction gone badly.

Did Cindy Crawford Have Plastic Surgery?
Did Cindy Crawford have plastic surgery? At the age of 40, the mother of two looks so good, she must have had something done.

Portia de Rossi: Her Battle With Anorexia
Portia de Rossi admits to a struggle with anorexia. She talks about hitting bottom and coming back up with the help of therapy and friends.

Nicole Richie Talks Weight Loss
In a Vanity Fair interview, Nicole Richie talks about her recent weight loss and how she needs to gain weight.

How Stars Shed Their Pregnancy Weight
Everyone wants to know how the Hollywood celebrities manage to slim down so quickly after giving birth. These famous moms have to work hard just like the rest of us. Read the scoop on how stars like Uma Thurman and Denise Richards returned to their pre-pregnancy bodies.

How To Stay Fit Celebrity Style
How do those super hot celebrities keep their bodies in such great shape? They do it with the help of a workout regimen and a healthy eating plan. With these diet and exercise tips, you can be well on your way to your own great shape!

Jared Leto Gains 50 Pounds!
Jared has long been recognized as one of Hollywood’s hunkiest actors, even dating the likes of Lindsay Lohan and Cameron Diaz. The six pack is temporarily gone after Jared gained 50 pounds for the lead role in Chapter 27.

Did Teri Hatcher Have Plastic Surgery?
Teri Hatcher has always been admired for her acting skills as well as her flawless beauty. The gorgeous star of Desperate Housewives is finally opening up and telling the truth about whether or not she's had plastic surgery.

Full House Confession
Former child star Jodie Sweetin makes a public confession that she battled a very private addiction. Find out what Mary-Kate and Ashley's former co-star from Full House had to say about her fight to get clean.

Ashlee Simpson Plastic Surgery
Did Ashlee Simpson really have plastic surgery? Why does she keep denying it?

Celebrity Plastic Surgery Gone Bad
When it comes to celebrity plastic surgery in Hollywood, often the stars just don't know when to quit. It's obvious to us that these folks have been nipped and tucked, but do some of them need to find new doctors?

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