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Kelly Rowland Admits to Plastic Surgery


Kelly Rowland Admits to Plastic Surgery
Photo: Dave Hogan/Getty Images

March 2008

After photos surfaced, Destiny's Child singer Kelly Rowland admitted to treating herself to a little plastic surgery in the form of a boob job. I must admit that I find it awfully refreshing to hear a celebrity like Kelly, 27, actually acknowledge that they've had work done.

Beyonce Knowles' BFF spoke exclusively to People for an upcoming issue about her choice to go under the knife. "It is a decision I made for myself. I like it, and that's all that counts. For young people: Think about it before you just jump off and do something," she told the magazine.

If only Pam Anderson had thought twice about her humongous implants, perhaps she wouldn't look so ridiculous right now.

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