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Pamela Anderson News - Is Pam Anderson Pregnant?


Pamela Anderson News - Is Pam Anderson Pregnant?
Photo: Frank Micelotta/Getty
Question: Pamela Anderson News - Is Pam Anderson Pregnant?

Could the rumors be true that Pamela Anderson is pregnant with new husband Rick Solomon's baby? If so, that would certainly explain the super quick wedding in Vegas last weekend.

Recent reports from In Touch magazine claim that Pam is two months pregnant and was pretty eager to tie the knot with the baby's father. I'd be willing to buy that theory if we were talking about anyone other than Pam Anderson.

She just doesn't strike me as being very traditional or even old fashioned in any way. Why would a little thing like a pregnancy make her rush into marriage with one of the sleaziest guys in Hollywood? Maybe the old cliche is true that birds of a feather really do flock together.

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