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How Did Brittany Murphy Really Die?


How Did Brittany Murphy Really Die?
Photo: David Livingston/Getty Images
Question: How Did Brittany Murphy Really Die?

On the morning of December 20, 2009, actress Brittany Murphy was found dead in the LA home that she shared with husband Simon Monjack. She was only 32 years old at the time. You might recognize her from movies such as Clueless, 8 Mile, and Little Black Book.

TMZ broke the sad news and everyone in the Hollywood community was left stunned. The first question that comes to mind is how exactly did Brittany die?

It appears that she went into full cardiac arrest early in the morning and was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Sadly, doctors pronounced her dead on arrival. What would cause a seemingly healthy young woman to go into full cardiac arrest?

Brittany was found to have had elevated levels of Vicodin and drugs from over-the-counter cold medicine in her system, but no illegal substances. Her death was ruled to be a result of pneumonia, an iron deficiency and multiple drug intoxication.

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