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Initial Heath Ledger Autopsy Results are Inconclusive


Initial Heath Ledger Autopsy Results are Inconclusive
Photo: Mike Flokis/Getty

January 23, 2008

The initial Heath Ledger autopsy results were unable to determine definitively how the actor died, according to People. Heath's body was found yesterday in his Soho apartment with pills strewn nearby. His friends, family, and fans are all devastated by the shocking news.

"The autopsy was inconclusive. We have to do further testing including toxicology and tissue testing. Neither cause of death or manner of death has been concluded. We expect additional results in 10 days to two weeks," NYC Medical Examiner spokeswoman Ellen Borakove told the magazine.

The examiner did confirm that Heath was suffering from pneumonia at the time of his death. However, contrary to the rumors, the illness has been ruled out as a possible cause of death, according to People. Unfortunately, the media is left with nothing more than speculation at this early stage of the game.

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