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Readers Respond: Do You Think Rachael Ray is Headed for Divorce?

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The rumor mills have been swirling lately over the scandalous gossip that that Rachael Ray and her husband John Cusimano could be headed for a divorce. Do you think there is any truth to the gossip?

wheres her tv show

imiss her tv show, did she quit. she won't divorce john.
—Guest alene


You are so shallow. What does height have to do with love. I hope you marry a 4 ft 8 in person. Now I do think there is too talk about divorce, so I think they are going to get one. I think they protest too much...so it might be true. If so I'm sorry for them.


No Rachael is not getting divorced. She and John are very happy. If you listen to her John is a lawyer and a musician so quit calling him a no good loser. They are very happy. I watch her shows every day both her talk show and her shows on food network and she talks about John all the time.
—Guest seajay


—Guest EVE

divorce of rachael and john

none of yours or my business they are not the first and won't be the last. as far as being so HAPPY COME ON BE REALISTIC
—Guest patty b.

Be Serious

Today 08/29/2011 broadcast she had a feature on a wedding and made comment that she didn't have anything to do but show up as John & her mother took of everything. This was said with love and elation. So please be serious a divorce!?????


No, and if they were, its their business. I certainly hope not, Rach is a dollbaby and she talks so lovingly about him. Why do people think they need to know about personal issues in stars live, I think its a shame, leave them to their peace. Its rumors that start so much trouble, My God pray for them don't try to figure this out. ITS NONE OF OUR BUSINESS!
—Guest Hannum


i think it none of our buss i only want rach to be happ what ever that may be
—Guest jesse

Rachel and John divorcing?

No way !!! They are so very close to each other !!! If you listen to her on the show,you know quite well that the two of them are madly in love with each other!!! they love cooking together ,and doing all kinds of beautiful things in life!! MY ANSWER WILL BE AND STAY AT NO!!!!!!!
—Guest Lynn Rudzik

RR divorce

She should---- so the mooch she calls her husband can find another cash cow!!!!
—Guest Nancy

No Divorce

I certainly hope this is not true. They have been together most of their lives & do love each other. Sometimes fame takes up too much of one's time & energy, could this be the problem? If so, wake up Rachael, good, loving men are impossible to find & fame is VERY fleeting.

dee boyko

john is a smart man and well suited to rachel. if he lost his mind and rachel also maybe they would divorce, but they are not dumb if there ar erough spots ride them out it's worth staying together john who is going to cook for you like r does? to both of youlook at all the celebs that get a divorce do they look happy? actually to me they seen to even ruin their career stay smart you guys are italian we are extremely smart people dee boyko
—Guest dboyko3@verizon.net


May God bless her marriage. There will be no divorce of course
—Guest Betty

Rachael Getting a Divorce.... NO WAY

I do not believe she is getting a divorce. She talks about her husband like a school girl. Her eyes sparkle with love in them.
—Guest Jackie


she claims to know where and what he does evry night, but what about the daytime. make him get a job or dump him, hes cheated before and once a cheat always a cheat, get smart girl, no pre-nup?? oh boy
—Guest lillian nugent

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