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Are Jude Law and Lily Cole Dating or Just Hooking Up?


Are Jude Law and Lily Cole Dating or Just Hooking Up?
Photo: G. Cattermole/Getty

Jude Law and Lily Cole Dating or Hooking Up Rumors

Rumor has it that UK based model Lily Cole has been dating bad boy actor Jude Law. Lily, 20, has been spotted leaving Jude's apartment in London early in the morning on more than one occasion and we all know what that means. The fiery redhead has supposedly been dating (hooking up with) Jude, 35, for a few weeks, according to the UK Mirror.

Someone should let this naive young woman know that she is most likely wasting her time with Jude. Not only does he have a penchant for infidelity, but he seems unable to maintain a relationship. He and Sienna Miller were on again/off again lovers for years until they finally decided to end things. I give Lily and Jude until the end of the summer.

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