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Are Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck Getting Divorced?


Are Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck Getting Divorced? Photo: John Sciulli/Getty

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck Divorce Rumors

Ted Casablanca over at E! Online is claiming that he has it on good authority that Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck may be on their way to getting divorced. While he was unable to confirm the gossip from either of their PR reps, Ted might actually be on to something here.

We rarely see Ben, Jen, and their baby Violet together and when we do, they always seem to be so frazzled. Jen can be found with unkempt hair, no makeup, and donning a baggy t-shirt and sweatpants. That can't be good for keeping the spark alive with her husband.

Ben, on the other hand, has a well documented love of booze and gambling with repeated trips to Vegas. Now that can't be good for the joint bank account. With each party equally contributing to the possible demise of the relationship, who will the tabloids blame when they eventually split up?

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