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Angie Harmon Interview - Angie is Superwoman


Angie Harmon Interview - Angie is Superwoman
Photo: Gregg DeGuire/Getty

November 2007

Why does actress Angie Harmon qualify for the title of Superwoman? Let's just say that anyone else in Hollywood with her super hectic schedule would have crumbled by now.

Angie is successfully raising two young daughters, starring in a hot new TV show with an 80-hour workweek, and maintaining a solid marriage to Jason Sehorn. Not to mention that she's doing it all with a very healthy sense of humor to boot.

In an interview for the December 2007 issue of Shape Magazine, Angie shared her simple rules for living a healthy life.

  • Keep Your Calories Under Control

    Angie admits that she doesn't shy away from her favorite Southern-style comfort foods. Instead, she tries to keep things light and healthy with smaller sized portions. "Moderation really is the secret to eating the foods you love," she said.

  • Get Active With Your Family

    Instead of struggling to fit a gym routine into her crazy schedule, Angie prefers fun activities with her family.

    She and her husband, Jason Sehorn, go swimming, bike riding, and hiking with their two daughters. If she's having fun, burning calories, and spending quality time with her brood, Angie is up for it.

  • Have a Good Sense of Humor

    Angie is the self-admitted "class clown" who is always having fun on the set of Women's Murder Club. "Our makeup artist is constantly redoing my eye makeup because I laugh so hard I cry," she said. I guess the old cliche is true that laughter really is the best medicine.

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