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Ciara Interview on Charity and Having Children


Ciara Interview on Charity and Having Children
Photo Credit: Diana Mimon

December 2008

At the spectacular Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Annex gala, I had the chance to chat with singer Ciara on the red carpet. I asked about her involvement in charity work and she was more than happy to talk about the cause closest to her heart. At only 23, she seems to have a pretty solid head on her shoulders.

DM: Are you involved in any charities that are close to your heart?

Ciara: As of right now, I just like giving wherever I can give. I am gonna be working with Give a Smile. Giving back to kids and giving them a smile is very important. You wouldnt believe how much of a difference it makes to the kids whose teeth are really messed up. They're confident, but there's something more about it. With health, it affects a whole lot of different areas of your body. When it comes to helping, I love kids, so whatever it is that I do, I like to target it more towards them. Children are our future and they're very precious to me so that's where my heart is.

DM: Do you hope to have children of your own one day, down the road?

Ciara: Oh, of course, my gosh yes. To be honest, that's part of the motivation for everything that I do. There's so much more that I need to accomplish in my career before I have kids. So I'm motivated by the idea of having kids and a family. I wanna work as hard as I can right now, so that when I do choose to start a family, I can do it comfortably and spend time with them.

DM: I see that you have a strong connection to kids. Do you have any neices or nephews?

Ciara: No, I'm an only child.

DM: So your mom must be counting on you to make it happen in terms of grandchildren?

Ciara: Let me tell you, I gotta bring some kids into this family, because we are really really tight. One day I'll have lots of kids running around.

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