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Celebrities A-Z

Have a favorite celebrity? Find out all the details and latest gossip scoop. Who have they hooked up with? Is their career on the rise or fall? Have they been involved in any hot scandals lately?

Drew Barrymore Profile
Check out the latest gossip on Drew Barrymore. What's the fun Drew Barrymore trivia?

The Hottest Celebrity Dads in Hollywood
Who is the hottest celebrity Dad in Hollywood? Does Brad Pitt rank as the hottest celebrity dad or is Matt Damon the hottest?

Angelina Jolie Interview in Parade Magazine
Angelina Jolie opens up in an exclusive interview for Parade Magazine and talks about Brad Pitt and their life together.

Tori Spelling Biography
Check out the latest fun facts on Tori Spelling and how she got her start in Hollywood.

Are Ellen DeGeneres and Kate Middleton Cousins?
Are Ellen DeGeneres and Kate Middleton really related and are they cousins?

Celebrities on Soap Operas Before They Were Famous
Which celebrities got their start on soap operas? Josh Duhamel and Meg Ryan both started out as soap stars, but who else did?

Who Has Madonna Dated, Married, and Divorced?
Check out singer Madonna's complete dating history. Wondering who she dated, married, and divorced?

Sandra Bullock Gossip Profile
Check out the latest gossip, news, and scandals on Sandra Bullock.

Fun Trivia Facts About Natalie Portman
Read on for all the latest gossip, news, and trivia for actress and model Natalie Portman.

Ten Trivia Facts About Rachael Ray
Read on for all the latest gossip, news, and trivia for cooking sensation Rachael Ray.

The Highest Paid Reality Stars of 2010
Who are the highest paid reality stars in Hollywood?

All About Anne Hathaway
Check out the latest gossip and news on Anne Hathaway and her love life and career.

Who is Choreographer Benjamin Millepied?
Who is choreographer Benjamin Millepied and what has he worked on?

Hottest Celebrity Owned Restaurants
Which celebrities from actors and actresses to producers and musicians have branched out and now own their very own restaurants?

Who is Elin Nordegren?
We all know that Elin Nordegren is the wife of famous pro golfer Tiger Woods. But who is she really?

Scarlett Johansson Gossip and News
Who has Scarlett Johansson dated and what is the latest gossip?

Ten Fun Trivia Facts About Taylor Swift
Read on for all the latest gossip, news, and trivia for young music sensation Taylor Swift.

Megan Fox Gossip Biography
What's the latest gossip on actress Megan Fox? Who is she dating? What movies has Megan been in?

Latest Nicole Kidman Gossip and News
Find out the latest scoop on the beautiful Aussie actress Nicole Kidman.

2010 Golden Globes Photo Gallery
Check out the celebrities as they arrive for the 2010 Golden Globes red carpet all dressed up in gowns and tuxes.

Latest Kate Hudson News and Trivia
Check out the latest Kate Hudson gossip. Who is Kate dating and what movie is she starring in next?

Salma Hayek Gossip, Rumors, and News
Check out the latest gossip, rumors, and news on Salma Hayek. How old is she, who did Salma marry and what are her big projects?

The Hottest Celebrities on Twitter
Everyone from Britney Spears to John Mayer is jumping on the Twitter bandwagon. Find out how to follow your favorite celebrities right here.

Rihanna - Latest Rihanna Gossip Updates
Check out the latest gossip updates and news on Rihanna. Who is Rihanna dating now? What charity is she getting involved in?

Adriana Lima to Guest Star on Ugly Betty
Supermodel Adriana Lima is set to be a guest star on an upcoming fall episode of Ugly Betty.

Forbes Top Earning Women on TV in 2007
Who are the highest paid and top earning women TV stars on the air today? Forbes has your top 20 right here.

Claire Danes Gossip and Scandals
Who has Claire Danes dated? What movies has she starred in?

The Latest Hilary Duff Gossip and News
What's the latest Hilary Duff gossip? Who is she Duff dating? The updated scoop is all right here.

Download Free Sheryl Crow Music
You can download free Sheryl Crow music and albums as part of her campaign to help rock the vote in 2008.

Maroon 5 Frontman Adam Levine
The latest gossip on Maroon 5 sex symbol Adam Levine.

Lindsay Lohan Gossip Updates
It seems as though Lindsay Lohan is in the tabloids for something new every week. Check out the latest Lindsay gossip updates right here.

Latest Maria Sharapova Gossip and Trivia
Who is Maria Sharapova dating? What commercials has she been in? Is she one of the richest sports stars?

G-Star Fashion Week Photos: Spring 2009
The celebrities came out to preview the Spring 2009 G-Star collection at Fashion Week.

Christina Applegate News and Trivia
Who is Christina Applegate dating? What TV shows has she been in? Get all the scoop right here.

Angelina Jolie News Updates
What's the latest Angelina Jolie gossip? Who has she dated and married? How many children are in her brood now?

The Latest Madonna Gossip and News
Read on for the gossip on how Madonna rose to fame and dated everyone in Hollywood.

Megan Fox Gossip and News Trivia
Read on for all the latest gossip, news, and trivia for actress and model Megan Fox.

Latest Patrick Dempsey Gossip and News
Check out the latest Patrick Dempsey gossip and news updates. We all know him from Grey's Anatomy as Dr. McDreamy.

Pink Gossip and News Biography
Check out the fun gossip news and trivia on your favorite singer Pink. Did you know that she once dated Tommy Lee?

Ashlee Simpson News Biography
Check out the latest Ashlee Simpson gossip, news, and trivia.

Ashley Tisdale Biography
Check out the latest news on model/actress/singer Ashley Tisdale. This High School Musical star is on her way to big things.

Penelope Cruz Biography
Read the Penelope Cruz biography for all the latest gossip on who she's dating and why she's always in the news.

Latest Demi Moore Gossip and News
Read on for all the latest gossip, photos, and trivia on Demi Moore.

Miley Cyrus News Biography
Read on for all the gossip on how Miley Cyrus rose to fame with her funny character on Hannah Montana.

Pamela Anderson Biography
Read the Pamela Anderson biography for the scoop on the hot star who was discovered at a football game.

Mariah Carey Biography
Read the Mariah Carey gossip biography for all latest news on the super diva singer.

Amy Winehouse News Biography
Read the Amy Winehouse gossip news biography for all the latest scoop. She loves to cause a media stir and does it quite well.

World's Richest Celebrity Teens
Which stars made the world's richest teens list? Daniel Radcliffe is on top, but who else rakes in the big money?

Avril Lavigne Biography
Read the Avril Lavigne news biography for all the latest gossip on the young rocker.

Nicole Richie Biography
Find out all about Paris' former BFF Nicole Richie and how she stays in the gossip spotlight.

Listen to Ashlee Simpson's Hot New Song
Listen to Ashlee Simpson's hot new song called "Outta My Head". What do you think of it?

Paris Hilton News Scandals in 2007
Paris Hilton keeps us all entertained with her scandals and wacky behavior. Check out the Paris Hilton headlines for 2007.

Paris Hilton News Scandals in 2006
Paris Hilton has had quite the wild ride in 2006. Check out the headlines that kept Paris in the tabloid spotlight.

Amy Fisher Biography
Read the Amy Fisher biography for all the latest scandals in the life of the ex-con.

Zach Braff Biography
Check out the Zach Braff biography for all the latest gossip on the actor/writer/director.

Sienna Miller Biography
Read the Sienna Miller biography for all the fun trivia on the major fashion icon.

Reese Witherspoon Biography
Read the Reese Witherspoon biography for all the scoop on the hot Hollywood star who began her career at age 7.

The Mickey Mouse Club Celebrity Alumni
The Mickey Mouse Club launched the careers of many big celebrities including Justin, Britney, and Christina.

Mischa Barton Biography
Read the Mischa Barton biography for the latest news and gossip on the young starlet that rose to fame on The OC.

Naomi Watts Biography
Read the Naomi Watts biography and find out what her inspirations were. Who did she date and what are the latest rumors?

Cameron Diaz Biography
Read the Cameron Diaz biography for all the gossip on her romantic history, family roots, and fun quotes.

Top 15 Overexposed Celebrities
Check out the Forbes list of the most overexposed celebrities. While some won't surprise you, it's still fun to speculate on how they got there.

Anna Nicole Smith Dead at 39
Anna Nicole Smith was found dead in her Florida hotel room. Was Anna Nicole Smith's death an accident?

The New Billy Joel Book - Billy Joel: The Biography
The new Billy Joel book takes a close look at the life of the singer. The author covers Billy's sad abandonment as a child to his successful singing career.

Justin Timberlake Biography
Check out the biography for all the scoop on Justin's days with NSync, Britney Spears, and Cameron Diaz.

Mary Kate Olsen Bio - All About Mary Kate Olsen
Read the Mary Kate Olsen bio and find out how she and her twin Ashley Olsen became such young millionaires.

Cassie Ventura Biography
Read the Cassie Ventura bio and find out all about her exciting rise to fame. She started out as a fashion model and is now topping the music charts with her infectious hit songs.

Jessica Simpson Biography
Read the Jessica Simpson biography for all the scoop on her exciting love life and growing career.

Celebrities Who Helped After Hurricane Katrina
After Hurricane Katrina, so many celebrities offered their help. Celebrities including Oprah, George Clooney, John Travolta, and more all chipped in.

Jamie Lynn Spears Bio
Read the Jamie Lynn Spears bio and find out how she shot to fame just like her big sister Britney.

Kate Moss Biography
Read the Kate Moss biography and follow her long modeling career. Kate Moss is only 5'7" but still rose to become a famous supermodel.

Keira Knightley Named Greatest Starlet
In a Yahoo poll, Pirates of the Caribbean star Keira Knightley was chosen as the greatest movie starlet ever to hit the big screen.

Vince Vaughn Biography
Vince Vaughn got his big break starring in Swingers and has left his mark on the world of comedy. From his relationship with Jennifer Aniston to his movie antics, he is one crazy guy.

The Church of Scientology – Celebrity Connections
What is the Church of Scientology and does it have celebrity connections? Read on to find out about the celebrities including Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Leah Remini who are all members of the Church of Scientology.

Jennifer Lopez Biography
Did you know that Jennifer Lopez is driven by a deep fear of being alone? Maybe that's why she found herself married three different times.

Christina Aguilera Biography
With an early start on The Mickey Mouse Club, Christina Aguilera credits her sexy voice with making her a star. Find out all about her exciting career.

Halle Berry Biography
Read Halle Berry's biography and learn how the sexy star grew up to become the famous actress that we know and love. See why Halle sits at the top of every sexy list in Hollywood.

Katie Holmes Biography
Katie Holmes has become famous for her much publicized relationship with Tom Cruise. Believe it or not, the actress did have a life of her own Pre-Tom.

Julia Roberts Salary History
Julia Roberts has managed to go from a meager $50,000 salary paycheck to a hefty $25,000,000 per flick over the span of 15 years. Check out Julia's unbelievable salary history from 1988 to 2003.

Gwyneth Paltrow Biography
Read Gwyneth Paltrow's biography to see how she feels about being a mother and actress in Hollywood. Read more for the scoop on her romantic history and even her failed relationship with actor Brad Pitt.

Julia Roberts Biography
Read Julia Roberts' biography and find out how she became one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood. Julia is best recognized for her role as a callgirl in the movie Pretty Woman but has done so much more with her career since then.

Naomi Campbell Biography
Naomi Campbell is one of the most famous supermodels in the industry. She also has quite the reputation in Hollywood for her lack of anger management.

Whitney Houston Biography
Whitney Houston was at the top of her career in the 80's with more hit singles than any other female singer. Find out where her career has taken her now.

Jennifer Aniston Biography
Did you know that Jennifer Aniston is half-Greek but doesn't care for Greek food at all? Read on for all the fun facts about Jennifer Aniston, everyone's favorite friend.

Paula Abdul Biography
Read Paula Abdul got her start as an LA Laker's cheerleader and went on to become a huge pop star. Her new gig as a judge with Simon Cowell on American Idol has made her even more famous.

Jake Gyllenhaal Biography
Read Jake Gyllenhaal's biography and learn how he went from a boy in City Slickers to a man in Brokeback Mountain. He dated KIrsten Dunst and was named one of People Magazine's Hottest Bachelors.

Forbes Magazine's 10 Richest People Under 25
Based on earnings from June 2004 to June 2005, Forbes Magazine has named it's top 10 richest people under 25 and some of Hollywood's favorite celebrities have made the exclusive cut. Read on to find out which celebrity you'd secretly want naming you in their will.

Eva Longoria Biography
Who would have guessed that Eva Longoria, a shy beauty queen from Corpus Christi, Texas would grow up to become one of the hottest stars on television today?

Tom Cruise Biography
Tom Cruise has his hands in every corner of the entertainment industry. We watched him grow from a boy on Risky Business to a man in Mission Impossible and we're waiting to see what he'll do next.

Nick Lachey Biography
Nick Lachey was famous for being in the boy band 98 Degrees long before he even knew Jessica Simpson. Check out some fun facts about Nick Lachey.

Portia de Rossi Profile
Portia de Rossi is more than just a pretty face with gorgeous blonde locks. From her humble start on Ally McBeal to her much acclaimed role in Arrested Development, this beautiful star is definitely on the rise.

Jessica Alba Biography
Maxim readers voted Jessica Alba the #1 sexiest woman in 2001. She began her acting career at the age of 12 and her star has been rising ever since.

Britney Spears Biography
Britney Spears used to be one of the hottest young pop stars on the music scene. These days, Britney seems perfectly content in her new role as wife and mother.

Dana and Christopher Reeve's History of Courage
Dana Reeve, wife of late actor Christopher Reeve has died at the age of 44. Dana, a non-smoker, had been battling lung cancer since 2005 and leaves behind her teenage son, Will. Find out more about Dana and her amazing journey through life.

Anna Nicole Smith Biography
Anna Nicole Smith is best known for her wacky career that included everything from posing for Playboy, doing layouts for Guess Jeans, and hawking Trimspa on tv.

Paris Hilton's Wild Life
Paris Hilton has lived quite the wild life and she's barely even 25 years old! From unknowingly starring in a sex tape to coining her own catchphrase, this hotel heiress is always making headlines. Find out all there is to know about this scandal-loving star.

Heather Locklear Biography
From Heather's start as Sammy Jo on the 80’s cult classic Dynasty to Michael J. Fox’s love interest on Spin City, this blonde bombshell always left her mark on the small screen.

Robert De Niro Profile
Robert De Niro is not only an award winning actor, but is also apparently quite the food aficionado. He co-owns several restaurants, including two in New York City. Read on for more about this talented actor.

Brad Pitt Biography
Read Brad Pitt's profile and get all the scoop. Who has he dated or married? What movies did he star in? Find out more about his charitable efforts around the globe.

George Clooney Profile
FInd out what tv shows or movies George Clooney has starred in. Get the scoop on the ladies he's been linked to and who he might be hooking up with now.

Beyonce Knowles Biography
Beyonce Knowles is clearly one of the sexiest celebrities around. From music to movies and clothing lines, this star can do it all.

Jack Wild Dies of Cancer
Actor Jack Wild died of cancer at the young age of of 53. The Oscar nominated star lost a battle to oral cancer.

Angelina's Top 5 Crazy Ideas
Angelina Jolie has been linked to some pretty scandalous behavior. Before she became a responsible adoptive mother, humanitarian, and girlfriend to Brad Pitt, she may have been a little bit wild. At one point, she even wore a vial of Billy Bob Thornton's blood around her neck! Read on for all the juicy details of her wacky behavior.

Kevin Federline - Kevin Federline Speaks Out
Kevin Federline has always been in the shadow of his famous wife, Britney Spears. His attempts at launching a music and/or modeling career have been dismal at best.

How Well Do You Know Lindsay Lohan?
Lindsay Lohan is one of the hottest young stars on the Hollywood scene today. She can often be seen out shopping, partying, and just having fun. How well do you really know Lindsay? Take the quiz and find out.

How Well Do You Know Jennifer Aniston?
Jennifer Aniston burst onto the scene with the success of Friends. She also had a well publicized marriage and divorce, but how well do you really know her? Take the quiz and find out.

Spirit Awards LG Cinema Gift Lounge
LG Cinema 3D HDTV hosted a hot Gift Lounge at the 2011 Spirit Awards with stars such as Nicole Kidman, Hilary Swank, Vanessa Hudgens, and Gerard Butler.

D'ya Wanna Canoodle, Baby?

Miley Sales Reveal Naked Truth
Miley Cyrus's overtly sexualized persona with her new album did not lead to staggering music sales.

High School Musical's Vanessa Hudgens Rocks New Role
Vanessa Hudgens of High School Musical is winning kudos for her starring role in the just released movie Gimme Shelter.

Lohan Book Slow to Sale
Lindsay Lohan book deal is still circulation and seems slow to catch fire

Porn Producer Offers Farrah $1 Million For Lie-Detector Test
Farrah Abraham offered $1 Million to pass a polygraph test about her claims that she was drugged and raped while promoting her porn tape.

Redford Acts, Directs, Produces...And Writes to the Editor
Robert Redford writes letter to the Editor of the New York Tiems

Madonna Instagram posts attack Venezuela, Russia and Ukraine over human rights and censorship.

6 Lesbian Actresses Who Came Out, and How It Affected Their Careers

Nugent’s Knuckleheaded Subhuman Mongrel Insult

Hercules Hunk Launches P-Word at Republicans

No Pity Party As Robin Thicke Comes into Focus
No feeling sorry for Rob Thicke, as Blurred Lines singer comes into focus on wave of bad news.

Seth Rogen Names His Pot Pals
Actor Seth Rogen tells Andy Cohen which stars he's smoked pot with.

Paltrow and Martin Split—and Crash Gwyneth’s Website
Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin announce their breakup and Gwyneth's website crashes.

Sum 41 Star’s Deadly Booze Equation
Deryck Whibley, the Sum 41 singer and former husband of Avril Lavigne, admits booze put him in the hospital and says one more drink could kill him.

Sir Mick Jagger Gets New Title: The Great-Grandfather of Rock n Roll
Mick Jagger has become a great-grandfather, thanks to grand-daughter Assisi Jackson's baby girl.

See What It Costs to Book Your Favorite Rock Star
Find out how much money it costs to hire a music star to perform.

Tweets Are Sajak's Wheel of Misfortune

Reading Rainbow Star Talks a Blue Streak
LeVar Burton lashes out at critics of his Kickstarter Reading Rainbow plan.

Shia LaBeouf Transforms into Perp after Cabaret Meltdown
Actor Shia LaBeouf is arrested in New York after his bizarre behavior disrupted a performance of Cabaret.

Olympic Star Thorpe Tells World: I'm Gay
Austraila's Greatest Olympic Star Ian Thorpe Tells World: I'm Gay

Simon Cowell issues "I am not gay" statement out of concern for his image of honesty.

The Top 5 Recorded Celebrity Meltdowns of All Time
Casey Kasem, Mel Gibson, Lilly Tomlin, David O. Russell, Christian Bale, Rip Torn, Norman Mailer, celebrity meltdowns, rants, freakouts

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