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The Church of Scientology - Celebrity Scientologists


The Church of Scientology - Celebrity Scientologists
Photo: AFP/Getty Images

The Church of Scientology - Celebrities Involved in Scientology

What is the Church of Scientology and which celebrities are involved as Scientologists? According to information posted at their official website, the word Scientology literally means, "the study of truth." The religion was founded by L. Ron Hubbard back in 1950 and has grown quickly over the years.

While many skeptics have challenged and even mocked the beliefs of Scientology, others have chosen to embrace it. Among the followers, there are even a handful of Hollywood celebrities, like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, who can be found publicly singing its praises.

Followers of Scientology believe strongly that drugs and chemicals are toxic to the body and deplete its vitamins and minerals. They also say that the religion itself extends from these basic truths:

  • Man is an immortal, spiritual being.
  • His capabilities are unlimited
  • He is able to solve his own problems
  • He can accomplish his goals and gain lasting happiness
  • He can also achieve higher states of awareness

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